Principal's Office

Mr Joseph Bitok

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Kipsoen Technical and Vocational College is a public institution established under the technical and vocational education and training act of 2013.

The institution has been of great help to the members of the community by providing various relevant skills to the youth. The principal Mr Joseph Bitok is advising the members of the community to have their children take technical courses offered in the college since they provide hands-on experiences and can be self-employed.


I am delighted to have the opportunity to give a report on Technical Training in KTVC and current developments of the institution. I am honoured and humbled to be the second Principal to be deployed by the government of Kenya to this college. I thank God and appreciate the MOE for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

I want to share with you my Vision for the future of KTVC. Very simply put, my vision is all about fulfilling Dreams. Fulfilling our students’ dreams is at the core of everything we do. But what exactly are our students’ dreams? And what must we do to help these dreams come true?

The dreams of our students fall into three major categories.

  • Many of our students dreams of completing an Artisan, Craft or Diploma course and applying the skills attained in self-employment.
  • Many others dream of earning a credential that leads to a good paying job.
  • A few dream of simply taking customized/short training courses that will help them advance in their career.
  • Our staff is committed to helping our students realize their dreams. Their dreams can’t come true by them simply “walking in our doors.” Thus, we help the students take responsibility in their college career by ensuring that they do practical work and make sure their tuition fee is paid on time; and by emphasizing to them that they must commit to the learning process, show up for classes, complete all class assignments, and ultimately pass the course. We also provide a conducive learning environment that enables students to be successful